MZMA steers complex projects & teams to success, working against familiar frustrations.

Projects that lack vision struggle to achieve timely resourcing, resulting in unreliable outcomes:

MZMA Delivers Clarity in Four Practice Areas

Global Program Direction

We guide the world’s live event stages with unwavering vision, boundless creativity, and seamless collaboration. We embody a stubborn refusal to settle for anything less than astonishing—delivering singular live experiences that unite audiences, transcend borders and inspire awe.

360° Project Leadership & Team Building

Leading & aligning stakeholders, governments, legal, licensing and vendor partners, our teams work tirelessly to ensure that every part of the experience & delivery is coherent, and nobody is surprised when its time to go live.

Context & Locale Management

Because the world is vast and communication styles differ widely across the globe, we curate each program element to meet the specific needs of unique locations, cultures and demographics to ensure an “audience-first” experience.


  • Program Direction
  • Creative Consulting
  • Ideation & Workshops
  • Government Relations
  • Above-the-Line Staffing
  • Below-the-Line Crewing

Broadcast & Executive Production 

We empower the world’s storytellers through boundary-breaking innovation in XR, AR and extended virtual environments, strategic collaborations, and unwavering dedication. We help captivate viewers with immersive storytelling, and deliver unforgettable experiences tailored to each audience cohort across the globe.

Total Production & Show Development

Most stories can be told a nearly infinite number of ways, and the biggest work of any show, production or program rests in distilling the most widely resonant messages into functional and reliable units of delivered work.

Boundary Pushing Executive Direction

Normal never cuts it, and every delivery must be more impressive, innovative & meaningful than the last. We lead the industry in XR, AR & virtual studios, striving to level up every project, engage your audience, and achieve your goals


  • Executive Production
  • Concept Development
  • Treatment Review
  • Rundown Development
  • OB Hire & Crewing
  • Executive Coaching

Technical Production Management

We are convinced that mission & vision lay a critical foundation, but strategy & technical execution are what drive the most meaningful moments, and deliver the most lasting impacts. Toward this end, we engineer reliable systems & experiences that support program objectives and satisfy regulatory & safety authorities.

Technical Direction & Systems Planning

Strategic technical planning, development and supervision including CAD, drafting, ground plans, specification & design, vendor ID & selection, resource assignment, delivery & supervision.

Documentation, Surveys & Specification

Documentation, permitting & regulatory service and support, including site surveys, measurement, evaluation, ground plans development, technical documentation, and stakeholder reporting.


  • Technical Direction
  • CAD, Drafting, Layouts
  • Specification & Design
  • Permitting Support
  • Vendor ID & Selection
  • Resource Assignment

Feasibility Studies & Master Plans

We have proven time and again that the most reliable outcomes are born from a harmonious blend of meticulous analysis, visionary thinking, and a comprehensive understanding of almost countless variables. We are confident this paves the way for transformative projects that exceed expectations and build lifelong affinities.

Opportunity & Risk Assessment

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats abound inside every part of every project, subproject, resource or process. Methodical surveys & thorough pre-work help us identify these SWOTs ASAFP.

Capital Development Planning

We often spend tens or hundreds of millions of dollars for just a few days or weeks of experience, and like every large investment this process relies on the confidence & clarity gained only through rigorous methodology.


  • Project & Plan Analysis
  • Site Surveys
  • Location Scouting
  • Geospatial Studies
  • Budget / Finance Studies
  • Program & Pitch Support

MZMA Delivers Clarity At Every Step

Complex & reliable work relies on  time  +  iteration  +  a confident team.

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